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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  December 8, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking this is wbal tv 11 news and at noon in hd. >> good afternoon.
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i am sarah caldwell. we begin with breaking news. a man is under arrest, accused of plotting a bombing at a military recruiting center in catonsville. >> according to a source familiar with this investigation, the man arrested is a u.s. national of a nicaraguan descent who was our recent convert to islam. the bomb plot israel, but the suspect was dealing with under federal federal agents so the bomb itself was phony. the target was a military recruiting center in a shopping center in catonsville. it is called the armed forces career center. the suspect allegedly wanted to blow this up to harm military personnel. the arrests came this morning apparently after the suspect attempted to detonate the bomb at that again was fake. the source says of the suspect
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has been on the radar of the fbi said october. the suspect tried to recruit co- conspirators but failed. this is similar to a bomb plot in oregon on a day after thanksgiving. as a bali born muslim try to set off a car bomb during a christmas tree lighting ceremony in portland. born muslim tried to set off a car bomb during a christmas tree lighting ceremony in portland. we will have much more on this later. >> baltimore city fire union officials are calling to the city to do more to protect their first responders. after two five-alarm fires, crews were stretched thin. >> plame stretch into the sky over mount vernon on tuesday morning, peering through several restaurants and buildings. >> it is a terrible thing.
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-- flames stretched into the sky over mount vernon on tuesday morning, tearing through several restaurants and buildings. some were still on the scene of that fire and baltimore's adult entertainment district when flames broke out in mount vernon. the mayor called on kreuz from and randall counties and howard county to help maintain fire coverage in the city. >> it is certainly a challenge for our department. we have a very strong team and strong response and had the benefit of good partners in surrounding districts that are providing aid. >> the baltimore union accuses the city of gleaming toleaning y on the other counties. and union leaders believe the city's rotating closure policy, which shuts down three fire houses every day compounds the
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problem. the fire chief calls the criticism overblown. he says the city is stretching its resources without compromising safety. he points to the fact that nethe one suffered injuries in either of the five-alarm fires. >> we would be a little better with our response times. that would always be true, but i do not see it as a safety issue. >> we just learned within our the cause of the mount vernon fire. we're told it was electrical in nature. the cause of the fire on the block remains under investigation. as we await word on the cause of the fire on the block, we're told it will be months before everything returns to normal for those affected by the fire. the fire either destroyed or severely damaged several businesses, putting several workers out of work during the holiday season. >> i am broke.
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i had kids to feed. >> it is a lot of people's livelihood. >> they do not know what will happen to their buildings. they do not know when they are born to be open, and they're all concerned today. >> cook tuesday morning speier and mount vernon shut down five area restaurants. donna's café faces months of rebuilding before it can reopen. nottuesday morning's fire in vernon shut down five area restaurants. the crab house is closing the ballpoint location. the owner says the decision to close the pratt street flagship location is not an economic one, but the decision to spend more time with his family. the restaurant is not set to close until next year. the second location will remain open. opene are also plans to insi
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another location. >> information about a teenager found lying dead in the street. this comes after the discovery of aviation greece on the boy's pants. police believe he was trying to get back to baltimore after moving to north carolina. the trial of the baltimore county man accused of killing a 15-month-old boy left in his care is under way. opening arguments began for brian savage. he is accused of beating his girlfriend's 15-month-old son and to death back in november 2009 after she went to work. medical examiners say the extent of the internal injuries were so severe they were comparable to being in a car crash. julian assange is in a swedish
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prison right now. they want to question him on claims of two women that claimed the sex with him was knocked consensual and not protected. he denies the claims. >> this is going to go viral. many people will come full word to stand a sureties. >> he is due back in court for an extradition hearing next tuesday. >> elizabeth edwards has died. the estranged wife of john edwards passed away tuesday on -- and her north carolina home at the age of 61. no funeral arrangements have been announced just yet. today marks a somber day in the music world. the death of john lennon 30
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years ago today. we take a look at the hours before his death and reflect on the short life of a music icon. >> the news was stunning. >> he was shot and killed late last night outside his apartment building. >> the world was shocked. >> you feel every possible a motion. and >> he interviewed the former beatle for three hours earlier that same day. >> i would like to be a happy contended person. i do not want to have to sell my soul as again to its sell my record. >> he made it clear that for him he was beginning all whole new stage of his life, and felt great about it. with threethrowflown colleagues to interviewed john lennon.
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>> he did everything he could do in a matter of minutes to make us uncomfortable and at ease. >> when his group left for the airport that afternoon, it wound up giving a ride to lenin and his wife. -- to lenon and his wife. >> the passage of time has made that day no less better suite. >> i tried to focus on how great that afternoon was. at the same time you know the end of the story. >> an ending that came too soon. >> we invite you to share your memories with us with your favorite john lennon song. if you remember hearing the news of his death. remembering a music legend and pictures. -- in pictures.
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coming up, shoppers take to the stores looking for cost effective ways to decorate this christmas. where you will get the most bang for you buck. >> i think it is atrocious. >> may ceasefire santa claus? we will tell you why coming up. -- macy's fires santa claus? for itchy dry skin.
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the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal. >> covering the nation this noon, a deli clerk is taking it to a whole new level. be robertred of would- like pulling at a machete. the owner took out the machete but the bad guy did not stick around to see anymore. no one was injured and nothing was taken from the store. santa comes to an end after he took a joke too far. he was fired during the height of the christmas shopping season after two decades on the job. he said the complaint from a pair of adult shoppers cost him his seat on the slate.
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the santa told the shoppers one of his more risque hokes.-- jokes. >> i said to you know why all -- do you know why santa is always so jolly and happy qwest i said because he knows who the naughty girls are. >> still to come on the revenues at noon, four people on a ventilator, and new study shows music may make all the difference. >> hope you are dressed appropriately because we're still down in the mid 20's. let's take a look at the current statistics. right now 34 at the airport in the inner harbor. the winds and still at 15 miles per hour that are making things feel much worse. details of
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>> in this afternoon's consumer alert, the want ad appears to be getting bigger. the labor department reported a 12% increase and advertise jobs. it is a highest since august of 2008. 3.4 million jobs available is still 1 million short of the number of 2007 when the recession began. stories of airline passengers trapped on plans for hours may be history. airlines now is stocked with hefty fines for princess said on the tarmac with passengers for more than three hours. -- for planes that sit on the tarmac with passengers for more than three hours. there have only been 12 reports since april when the rule was enacted compared to 546 during the same time last year. pretty remarkable.
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the holes may be debt a bit more this year according to the national retail federation. americans are planning to spend an average of $688 on holiday- related chopping. that is a slight increase from last year. >> decking your halls or just your tree can burn through hundreds of your heart-earned dollars. -- hard-earned dollars. >> i have not done any christmas shopping yet. >> spending on gets is expected to rise 2.1% this holiday shopping season. for some women, now accustomed to bargain shopping, the hunt is on. >> just for the stockings stuffed. >> ornaments and garlands, everything in the store is under $1.
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christina said she will decorate her entire house for the holidays at the 99 cent only store. >> under $25 really. you can mix and match things. >> a person can come in here and get everything for christmas. >> like it sets out there, everything but the turkey. -- like is says out there, everything but the turkey. >> now your 11 instaweather forecast. >> hope you are doing well this wednesday afternoon. hope you are inside and dressed appropriately. yet another day we are dealing with winds. very chilly out there. we have clouds and are entering the forecast. this afternoon they will make a few more clouds. really no threat for a snow shower or threflurry.
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22 degrees this morning at the airport. you can see a couple of single digits around annapolis and parts of ohio. our actual temperature now is in the 30's. 34 is the current temperature. it looks like this map is frozen. let me see what is going on. basically we are dealing with 34 right now. we're having a lockup on our show right now. and i apologize. our complete whether computer is frozen. bottom line is all of the snow showers are coming out of the great lakes. next risk ke a the of precipitation could come on
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friday. we will see a high pressure building from the mid-atlantic. a little bit of a rebound. as far as the morning close, we will be in the 20's again. we will not break out of the cold weather pattern for quite awhile. i can tell you that we have a good chance for scene friday night into sunday hough a little bit of rain. rainey on sunday. temperatures for the start of next week only in the mid-30's. i will try to restart the computer and see if we can get things working. >> it is probably just too cold outside. hospital patients on a ventilator may benefit from listening to music. researchers found that music was able to relax the patience, potentially lower in any competition.
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and patience to listen to either pre-recorded or lied music have less anxiety compared to standard care. it also reduced their heart and breathing rate but not their blood pressure. another reason for men to get married, it makes them less aggressive. that is the finding of a new study. researchers at michigan state university found the difference between single and married men appears to be two-fold. men with lower levels of aggression work likely to be married before the age of 29. researchers also found the effect of marriage on hostile behavior was stronger in good marriages. coming next, your marriage and lottery numbers. we will get another check of the forecast. first, look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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>> coming up this afternoon on "oprah" winona judd talks about her husband's trial and arrest. now your maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we are ready to play. that is a 3, followed by 6, your
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final number is a 1. 3, 6, 1. first, holiday scratch costs ranged from 1 to $10. they are easy to get in fund to give the. there is no wrapping required. pick up a stocking full today. that is a 9. followed by 2. your next number is 3. your final number is 0. 9, 2, 3, and 0. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. and >> sandra is back with a seven-day. >> we are in the deep chill for the duration. the highest 37. the wind chill right now isn't a
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low to mid 20's around that area. down to 21 overnight tonight with the wind chill in the teens. friday a slight chance of a wintry mix. up to 42. a little milder. sunday it looks like a chance of a wintry mix. at this point the bulk of the store is to the west. it looks like mainly it will be a rain event. we will keep you posted. >> thank you. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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